Uptibly (temporary name) is a web application that periodically checked the users's lists of websites, to see if they are live and to check their https status. Once finished, this will have Strip payment integration as well as integration with SMS services.
This projects has 3 uses:
1. For me as a freelancer; since I maintain a lot of websites this is quite a useful tool to use to imediatly act on any possible server issues, and to check the health of several hosting services.
2. For others in my situation
3. As a testing ground. I've been wanting for the past year to get into React and Node JS, and this would be the perfect time to consolidate my knowledge on a production level project.

Technologies used:
      • Javascript ES6
      • React 16+
      • CSS3/SCSS
      • Node JS
      • Mongo DB

Website link: N/A (Currently Work in Progress)

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