Talentvine (start date September 2015) is the product/business resulting from the testing and research done through iintegra in its early days (checkout the stuff i did for iintegra). Similar to iintegra, Talentvine is an SAAS Applicant Tracking System which automates recruitment processes. It was launched in September 2015 and currently is under development.
In this project I was in charge to take care of the UX, front end development and design for both the website and the web application. Technology wise, the sales website has a checkout system which integrates with Stripe, Hubspot and Xero. The applicantion is currently in the planning phase and it's front-end is due to be rebuilt on Angular 2. I had the chance to experiment signifficantly with different technologies which introduced me to frameworks like NodeJS, React and Angular2.

Technologies used:
      • Javascript (ES6)
      • jQuery / Angular 2
      • CSS3/SASS/HTML5
      • GULP
      • C# Integration

Mockup link: Talentvine

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