Workvine (start date October 2015) is a young start-up that prides itself on offering employers communication tools and solutions needed to keep their employees engaged, productive and committed.
Being part of the founding team, I was in charge of creating the brand and the responsive website, from concept to a 'ready to deploy' state.  In addition to this, I was constantly experimenting and trying new concept technologies and services, that were use in pitching to our clients. Some examples are:
     • an interactive video platform which to help employers train and onboard their new employees more efficiently
     • a damage record and report application to help Neovia track and report incidents of their deliveries with the purpose of understanding and mitigating the incidents, and improving their infrastructure
     • several plugins to improve the mobile application we are reselling

Currently I am leading the re-branding of Workvine illustrated at the end of this page.
Technologies used:
      • Javascript (ES6)
      • Jquery/VueJS/Angular/NodeJS
      • C# Integration
      • oAuth integration

Website link:

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